Sunday, December 20, 2015

An exchange project with Can Cantó

The 6th class of Primary education is working through a project where the children exchange information with the 6th class of Can Cantó school. In this project they are going to meet each other using the new techcologies : their wikis, blogs etc and other digital resources such as : skype. They will use ther four linguistic skills for communicating. As you can see in the following photos the students are communicating through the skype. it was a great experience for the children to use English in an meanninful context.

Friday, December 18, 2015



One year more the children are working in the project called School to school:"The program "offers a cultural exchange between the Spanish schools of primary and the supplementary schools of Vicente Ferrer Foundation in India. Through this exchange, the program aims to make the children are aware of the inequalities and they learn solidarity values and social justice". This scholar year the students have learnt how is the environment of Andhra Pradesh.. In the following photos you can see like the students prepare the murals with all the information about Ibiza environment for send it to India.