Thursday, December 22, 2016


In the following link you can find the digital notebooks where our students work in the different taks and activities such as the "connect"


In The school to school projecte the children learn how is the India's culture.And the industry of the cinema is really relevant in the country.In the photos the children are dancing bolliwood music.

School to school

In the following photos you can see some of the posters that the children are making for our friends of Byrapuram school in India.


This is the third year that we participate in the international project of Fundación Vicente Ferrer in the exchange cultural programme.This schoolar year we work the festivities an parties of both countries.In the following photos you can see the students of Poeta Villangómez working in our festivities, bank holidays , parties etc.

Connect Project

The Poeta Villangómez students read and answer the pen friends letters.

Connect project

The students from Can Guerxo school are reading the letters from our students.

Friday, December 16, 2016


This schoolar year we are developing a project called"Connect" where students from the 6th Primary class of Can Guerxo school will communicate with the students of the 6th primary class of Poeta Villangómez school. Our objectives are: give real oportunities to our students where they can practise English in a meaningful context, Using the new techonologies through activities that the teacher will design for the different meetings that we will carry out during the year. In the first step our students will meet their "pen friends".Theay have written a letter and also the ha used their digital notebooks "wikis".Also we will connect with them through the "Skype".